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Lincoln City, Oregon: A nice place to visit, A nice place to live.

Lincoln City and vicinity

Central Oregon Coast

Lincoln City, Oregon is on the coast at the north end of Lincoln County. To the north of Lincoln County is Tillamook County. This area of the Oregon coast has a very diverse geological and hence wonderfully eye pleasing as well as fun aspect to it. Beach at Roads end North Lincoln City

This photo taken at the Roads end area in North Lincoln City showes a sandy beach and fascenating cliffside area. Tide pools are abundant also. A pleasant sandy beach to walk on with interresting rocks and shells. The ocean causes an ever changing coast line. During the lowest tides some folks will walk to the end of this beach and around the rocky outcropping to find a second beach to explore.

Ocasionaly surfing or even kyte surfing can be observed in the area. Not just people surfers. Sea lions can ocasionaly be seen surfing and swimming in the surf.